About Giardino's

The restaurant is a dream from years ago...

João Jardim, owner and chef came to america in 1988 at the age of sixteen looking to make money to fund his college education.  Nothing was easy back then, almost thirty years ago. The first places João (John)  worked were Josephs restaurant in Dorchester and cafe Luna in chestnut hill, as a dishwasher. At only 16 years of age he worked close to 90 hours a week!

It was not  long ( about 3 months) before the chef at one of these establishments taught John how to make pizza. From that day on, John was in love with the Kitchen and with cooking and took it upon himself to learn the ins and outs of the restaurant industry, working in well known restaurants in the North End, and spending plenty of time on the South Shore as well.

In John's own words...

The Venetian, in Weymouth was  where me and my brother Marcos (later in 2005 coming to America) met up with one of the most important people in our lives by the name of John Pica. John taught me so much including how important it was to respect others and care for others as well. Thank-You John to you and your family!

Later in 2009, my Sisters Iane, Jeane and Edvani all decided to come to America. We are a close family and have shared many adventures in business together.

Eventually, we opened up an Italian Restaurant in Fort Myers Florida.  The  name of the restaurant was called The Mix Grill. The restaurant was doing well, and the business was growing every day, but in 2016 some my Dad was diagnostic with stomach cancer back up in Boston. From that day on everything changed.  While the restaurant in Fort Myers was doing good, but my heart simply was not in it any more.... and all i could think about was coming back to Boston to be with my Dad. It was a long process but we eventually sold the restaurant there and came back with my wife and Kids to be in Boston with my father.

My father was treated and today he is doing very good. Special thank to the USA, the best country in the world, the place of opportunities for all and of course to God that cured my father along with those amazing doctors in Boston. I am so grateful.

Now it is time to live a new dream. Me, my brother Marcos , my sister Iane and our entire family has partnered together on this new journey. All of our experience, me, my wife , and the desires of my sister Iane, her husband Euller, and my brother Marcos along with his wife Mislene have led to this:  To cook up the best Italian food, create the best experience, and provide great service, all in a friendly family atmosphere.

As the chef at this restaurant I will make sure every single plate that comes out of the kitchen has my personal touch because I believe if you love what you do, you can only put out the best.
All our pastas and every single sauce is made here. Every single soup made in the house as well as all of the daily specials. I will do my best to provide you with great food, and great service.

                                                                                Thanks you So Much                                                                                                    João Jardim